Chef Reilly MeehanReilly Meehan knew he was destined for a future in the culinary arts from the first day he worked in his father’s restaurant in Santa Cruz, California. The rush and adrenaline that come with a busy service led Reilly to apply for ┬ánearby culinary school in Campbell California, where he was granted a scholarship after placing second in a high school cooking competition. It was there, at The Professional Culinary Institute, under the guidance of Chef Randy Torres, CEC, that Reilly was able to excel in and outside of the classroom. Reilly began training with the California State Student Hot Food Team,which further fueled his passion for competition. With a successful run on the team, Reilly was invited to move to Oregon and attend the Oregon Coast Culinary Institute, again to train under Torres for a chance to be a part of the ACF Culinary Youth Team USA. A year of training led the team of 5 to gold and the honor of being chosen as Team USA which will represent the United States at the IKA Culinary Olympics in Germany in 2012. Reilly is also the first American, and youngest winner ever of the Chaines des Rotisseurs Jeunes Commis International competition held this year in Istanbul, earning him the title of “The Best Young Chef in the World.”

Reilly’s view on food is fairly simple: keep it entertaining, and stay true to the food. Meehan believes that eating should be an experience for the diner, whether it be evoking strong emotion or learning something new about one’s palate. With a strong background in competitions, Reilly’s cuisine is based very much in a perfect technique that also integrates a fun, new outlook on food. Using great ingredients that speak for themselves, Reilly’s style is far ahead of his years, and he looks forward to bringing something fresh to the world of food.